Registration of Old Settlers


Have you ever wondered if you were an Old Settler? To qualify as an “Old Settler” you must have lived in Johnson County for 45 years, but it does not have to be consecutive years.

If you have, then you qualify as an OLD SETTLER. Come in and register and be put in our Old Settlers registry. Our registry has been kept for as long as Old Settlers has been around (since 1898).

BUT you must register in person or persons, for the oldest couple!

We have TWO locations to register at:

Friday: 6PM-8PM with the Flower Show located at City Hall 

Saturday: 9 AM – 4 PM McGilley & Frye Funeral Home, located at  105 E. Loula


Come in and register and be part of the fantastic history of Old Settlers!

*Registration is free and prizes will be awarded*

$50 will go to the oldest lady that registers.
$50 will go to the oldest gentleman that registers.
$50 will go to the couple who has been married the longest.

For more information or questions please contact Ina Kay Zimmerman at 829-5800

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